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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Hard Facts Make The Best Foundations

Hard Facts Make the Best Foundations

The Tenor of the Times, January 2005

THE GREAT REINING IN ~ In 2006 the seemingly open-ended series of confusing and disruptive events to which the world has been subject will continue to dominate world news. But as 2006 progresses, news of a noticeably new, significantly different and better world will begin to attract our attention.

Energy from the Galactic Center, emerging into our collective consciousness through Pluto, will inspire and motivate people to remake the world in a positive, constructive way.

The conjunction of Pluto and the Galactic Center will have special significance for the United States. The last conjunction occurred several decades before the birth of the United States. It might be argued that the United States is an embodiment of the energy released during that last conjunction in the middle of the 18th century. The upcoming conjunction will undoubtedly mark a major threshold in the historical maturation of the US.

The ‘tipping point’ of 2006, the point at which people in general can see that change is inevitable and permanent, will come in August. However, it will become clear long before August that something is in the offing.

It will occur when Saturn completes its first opposition to Neptune, effectively putting an end to Neptune’s deceptive influence over world affairs.

Saturn’s sobering leverage over world events, already noticeable, will take hold in August. Saturn will pass the mid-point of Leo, in mid-August. At the end of August, the Saturn will oppose Neptune for the first time, solidifying its dominant influence on the world’s vibe.

FAITH’-BASED FACTS VS. FACT-BASED FACTS ~ An ardent profession of faith will no longer sound to the world’s ear like a guarantee of truth. Even George W. Bush, a veteran practitioner fervent, faith-based rhetoric is already showing a newfound, respect for the facts.

With the tide of Neptunian illusion ebbing, much of the damage caused by deceptive political rhetoric will become more painfully apparent than it already is. People will be in the mood to ask penetrating and embarrassing questions and wait patiently for the answers.

Saturn’s ascendancy over Neptune will probably also weaken the hold that ideological and religious zealots, including demagogues, tyrants and terrorists, have over the mind’s of their adherents.

THE PENDULUM SWINGS BACK ~ In recent years, the quality of civic and commercial life has deteriorated markedly.  Telemarketing, loud cell phone conversations, 20 minutes of annoying advertising before a movie, intrusive public address systems to trumpet special sale items at Walmart, aggressive sales pitches while on you’re on hold … such irritating, exploitative and offensive practices have become the norm. In 2006, the reaction against such things will intensify.

Perhaps more serious, business practices that put the customers and employees at serious risk have flourished. Risky mortgages, shaky pension plans, dwindling health insurance coverage, neglected safety, poor and unreliable service … In the coming decade, with Saturn in the ascendancy, we can expect to see a broad-based movement against these and other wildly irresponsible business and employment practices.

GEORGE W. BUSH IN THE SHADOWS ~ T-squares dominate composite charts for Bush’s birthdate and New Years Day 2006 and other important dates in January, just as they dominated the composite chart for Bush and the 2005 Inauguration.

The way the world actually works, these T-squares mean that Bush will have another very, very difficult year with strong resistance or outright opposition to his policies.

POLITICAL PROGRESS IN IRAQ ~ Virtually all of the charts for Iraq, even those charts with a Grand Trine, are marred by indications of widespread deception, manipulation, intense power struggles, factional violence and general skullduggery.

It is unclear from the charts what exactly might bring an end to the current state of affairs. I believe that some as yet unforeseen event or some as yet unknown person, country, group or agency must eventually emerge and intervene to bring this conflict to an end.

Something—a law mandating US withdrawal, a UN resolution, the massive intervention of another country or all of the above--something must establish a new starting point in Iraq, a new point of departure because, from the astrological perspective, the elements currently at play offer no solutions.

AMERICAN INVOLVEMENT IN IRAQ ~ Pluto will leave the US first house early in 2010. Additionally, the US Solar Arc Uranus will be past its conjunction with US natal Pluto. Hence, the US inclination to impose its will on other nations through the machineries of war will persist at some level until the end of this decade.

As Pluto completes its transit of the US 1st House, the passion will simply go out of the Iraq war effort. But I don’t think we can expect a decisive rejection of the war until Pluto leaves the US 1st House entirely at the end of the decade.


- Bush’s already serious political difficulties,

- Growing impatience with Iraq,

- Lingering resentment about how Bush got us into Iraq,

- Grave doubts about the conduct of the war,

- Growing political unease over the use of torture by US interrogators,

- Growing legal difficulties for the Bush administration and prominent Republican leaders,

- The looming confrontation with Congress over Bush-approved domestic spying by the NSA,

- Growing unease over the infringement of civil rights in the name of the war on terror,

- A fight over renewal of the so-called Patriot Act, prominent,

- Congresspeople from both parties promising new investigative hearings in 2006,

- The seemingly all-encompassing corruption scandal surrounding the work of “disgraced Congressional lobbyist” Jack Abramoff,

- The historic failure of the government before, during and after hurricane Katrina a possible battle over a key Supreme Court nomination,

- A mid-term Congressional election in November 2006,

In the context of all of the above and so much more, the US seems headed directly for a major political crisis pitting the neoconservative faction of the Republican party against just about everyone else.

Given all of the above, an effort to impeach Bush does not seem out of the question to me.

THE LAW’S DELAY ~ With Saturn newly retrograde, the legal gears will be grinding very slowly and ‘painstakingly.’ This is a painful prospect for Congressman Tom Delay of Texas who is looking for a quick and favorable resolution of the case against him. In fact, Court decisions that might have led to an early trial and a quick return to his position of power in Congress are going against him.

Saturn, as noted, is slowly but surely gaining ground on Neptune. But it is also in broad trine to Pluto. The trine to Pluto intensifies and underwrites, or leverages, all of the trends and processes set in motion by Saturn’s coming dominance of Neptune. This will enable and strongly incline Americans (and many others in the world) to finally get at the truth of important issues and perhaps find justice.

Saturn retrograde, trine Pluto and opposite Neptune will do nothing to hasten progress or final resolution to any of the difficult legal or Congressional processes already under way or soon to get under way. Quite the contrary.

Jupiter in the Economic Trenches ~ One of the most interesting and expressive charts for January 2006 is the Jupiter persona chart for New Years Day. It includes a Grand Square that entrains the energy of all of the planets except Pluto and Uranus. Uranus forms a trine to the main stellium, or group, of planets. Pluto forms a trine with Saturn.

So, in Jupiter’s own Persona Chart, its individual astrological portrait for New Years Day 2006, Jupiter’s energies are highly impaired. But the flow of Saturnian and Uranian energies is enhanced and facilitated.

People will have tighter budgets. However, those who find new, ingenious ways of doing things (Uranus) that are, at the same time, true to old, tried and true values (Saturn), will prosper. Ingenious new products that are also dependable, durable and affordable will still find an enthusiastic market. While the old economy gets itself straightened out, new markets for new things will take off on their own.

CHIRON’S TOLL A CAUTIONARY NOTE ~ The difficult relation between Chiron and Saturn has been reestablished. This ensures that disasters that take place now are likely to take a heavy toll. This worrisome relationship will persist until September 2007 when Saturn enters Virgo leaving Chiron in Aquarius and breaking up the Saturn/Chiron opposition.

At midnight on New Years Day, 2006, the various Saturn/Chiron lines bracket Washington, DC, and come very close to New York City. On the other side of the world, Saturn/Chiron lines run through Indonesia and the Philippines, grazing the southwest coast of China, bracketing North and South Korea, and parts of southern Japan.

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