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Monday, January 30, 2006

Mood Change

Mood Change

More on Pluto’s Imminent Conjunction with the Galactic Center

The Tenor of the Times, February 2006

The Big Makeover ~ The planets are about to begin a thorough make over of world civilization as Pluto gets set to begin a series of conjunctions with the Galactic Center.  The conjunction of Pluto and the Galactic Center marks a threshold into a new historical era.  Not a one-time burst of energy, this conjunction marks our entrance into a new epoch of global change.

From now until the end of March, when Pluto retrogrades, we can expect a general increase in the rise of unmanageable world energies of all kinds.  In the fall, as Pluto returns to forward motion, the pressure will again ratchet upward.

Pluto’s energy is relentless, ceaseless and irresistible.  When added to the energy of the Galactic Center, Pluto’s powerfully energizes idealistic and reformist movements of all kinds.

During the first half of this cycle, which lasts for about 125 years, we will see a strongly progressive and proactive manifestation of this energy.

When you get this much planetary energy flowing, it is going to be disruptive, no matter what.  It is going to be rough in places.  

Fortunately, a helpful, facilitating relationship between benevolent and potentially troublesome planets is tilting the scales fairly strongly in favor of a successful outcome. Despite the bumpy ride.

“Tipping Point” ~ While many of the conjunction’s effects are already becoming apparent, I believe, we will probably not get into the full swing of things until August or September of 2006. By that time, Saturn will have completed its first exact opposition to Neptune.  

After that, people will start thinking a little more clearly and the spinmeisters and con artists will be at a distinct disadvantage.  People will want and expect plain, honest talk, backed up by solid facts.  They will also expect debate where before there was mindless consensus.

Until then, we can expect a lot of confusion about trends.  Also, Pluto will resume direct motion in the early days of September.  

So, I don’t think these distinctive new energies will fully take hold until the fall.  For most of this year, we can expect people to remain confused about the meaning and true direction of events.  

In any event, by the end of 2006, we will have experienced a sharp turn in the direction of events and a clear shift in the mood, or the temperament, of the world.

What We Can Expect at the Micro Level ~ At the individual level, we will see a renewed, irresistible desire for a better life.  There will be a willingness to listen to new ideas and, what is probably more important, an inclination to fight for those new ideas.  And people will listen to promises with a more critical ear.

However, Pluto’s energy will also cause a general antsiness, obsessive behavior, compulsions, addictions and other forms of overactivity and uncontrollable behavior.  

People will become generally more intense.  In fact, I think we can expect an intensification of just about every aspect of our individual and collective lives, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  But Saturn and Jupiter might also help us develop new and more beneficial ways of dealing with the energies of addiction, obsession and compulsion.

What We Can Expect at the Macro Level ~ This conjunction will, in effect, unleash major new political forces in the world. These forces can easily turn violent, or at least militant.  

Protest and reform movements that are re-energized or brought into existence by this force, of which there will doubtless be many, can easily take on a fanatical, disruptive character.  

Pluto’s energy is such that people will forcefully confront any and all opposition to the expectations aroused by Pluto’s conjunction with the Galactic Center.  And their determination to achieve their goals will persist at high levels for decades, longer in many cases.

We should probably view the unexpected and decisive victory of Hamas, a militant, terrorist islamicist group, in the recent Palestinian elections as an early manifestation of this new energy mix and a harbinger of things to come.  

The Palestinians suddenly seem indignant and very impatient for an improvement in their situation.  They also seem resolute.  That is what we would expect.

History ~ The last conjunction took place in the early 1760’s.  The American Revolution took place about 16 years after.  The French Revolution took place about 30 years after, in 1789.

The effects of this Pluto/G.C. conjunction, an intense aspect to begin with, will be more intense by several orders of magnitude than those of other Pluto/G.C. conjunctions because it is occurring:

1) At the beginning of a new century,
2) At the beginning of a new millennium, and
3) At the beginning of a new astrological era, the Aquarian Age.

Transformative astrological events occur at each of these kinds of transition points.  When they all come together, as now, the cumulative effect creates a major historical threshold, an especially deep divide between the previous era and the next.

Dates ~ On March 29th, in about 8 weeks, Pluto will come within 12 minutes of arc, to within than 1/5th of a degree, of exact conjunction with the Galactic Center.  Then it will retrograde.  Over the next year, culminating in October 2007, Pluto will exactly conjoin the Galactic Center several times:

1. March 29, 2006 near approach, stationary/retrograde.

2. December 29, 2006, exact conjunction, Pluto moving forward.

3. July 17, 2007, exact conjunction, Pluto retrograde.

4. October 27, 2007, exact conjunction, Pluto moving forward.

The day of Pluto’s near approach and retrograde, March 29, should bring significant relief from the tensions caused by Pluto’s approach to the G.C.  People and governments will tend to move away from the brink.

Between the moment of Pluto’s retrograde in March and the first exact conjunction at the end of December 2006, people will have a chance to re-think issues.  The pressure will be off.  Also, with Pluto retrograde, the power of world leaders to directly influence events will be abruptly and drastically reduced, allowing everyone a little breathing space.

We should, for example, see an easing of tensions in the Middle East.  

The Fine Print ~ The tensions caused by this conjunction might have been especially dangerous because Mars will be opposing Pluto in Gemini in February and March.  By December, when Pluto hits the Galactic Center dead on, Mars will have joined Pluto in Sagittarius.  

Fortunately, Jupiter is also closely involved.  Jupiter is in mutual reception with Pluto now, and, by December, it will join Pluto and Mars in Sagittarius.  So, much energy that might have expressed itself violently will dissipate like so much hot air.

Until just before the final conjunction in fall 2007, Saturn will also be trining the whole affair from Leo.  This will help ensure that needed resources are available.  Saturn’s help also ensures that all the sound and fury will be channeled into the establishment of lawful and enduring institutions.

Beyond that time, Saturn will move into Virgo, forming a very helpful relationship with Pluto as, Pluto moves into Capricorn early in 2008.  

This relationship bodes well for those governments and political figures who must come to terms with unfolding events.  Saturn and Capricorn and Pluto are all very much about political and governmental power.  Saturn rules Capricorn.  

So, we will have Saturn, the planet of government, trining the sign of government, the sign that Saturn rules.  Pluto, the planet of power is in Capricorn, the sign of government, being trined by Saturn, the planet of government.  

This is all to the good and a very welcome development.  It will help ensure a lasting and beneficial outcome.

Beyond The Politics of Exhaustion ~ Right now, the world is going on the remnants of the energy and inspiration poured out in the early 1760’s when Pluto last conjoined the Galactic Center.  

None of the institutions created or reconceived during that conjunction seem quite up to fulfilling their intended purpose any longer.  The people seem to have lost a sense of what they really want from these institutions.  The world seems both unsettled and adrift.

But a new surge of energy and inspiration like the one that brought our political institutions into existence, or which prompted the radical democratic reform of existing institutions, is now upon us.

The Vision Thing ~ Pluto is about power.  The Galactic Center is about paradigms of global civilization.  Together, they have a remarkable and remarkably concrete effect on civilization, worldwide.

A new vision of global civilization will emerge. New power structures and power relationships appropriate to this new vision of civilization will emerge.  And from somewhere, the needed material resources will be forthcoming.  And, perhaps most important of all, people will highly motivated to achieve this vision.

Uses and Abuses ~
Many will take advantage of the world’s expectations and impatience to try to impose their own, self-serving and destructive ideas on the world.

George Bush, for example, would like to bring back 19th and 20th century militarism and imperialism.  Osama Bin Laden would like to take us all back to the Middle Ages.  

Pluto is also about control and surveillance.  People will be motivated to demand greater personal responsibility from other people and greater security from their governments. This conjunction will bring about new ways of imposing and exercising power and control.  

Hence, we must also expect the emergence and the general acceptance of the new forms of government control and surveillance that will be required to realize a more just and stable world order.  We must also expect a greater tolerance, a potentially dangerous tolerance, for these intrusions on our privacy and limitations on our personal freedom.

We are in fact seeing the emergence of new and powerful tools for monitoring and identification.  We are seeing the proliferation of automated video cameras, the use of DNA testing for identification, and microchip technology for identifying and tracking goods.  We are also seeing related advances in spy-satellite technology.  And we are seeing the widespread indifference to them.

Bush’s warrantless wiretaps are, I think, example of this kind of abuse.  China’s Internet censorship is clearly an abuse.

Invasive advertising and marketing techniques are another example.  Identity thieves and industrial saboteurs, among others, will also be inclined to abuse it.  

This quotation from a recent New York Times article, I think, stands out.  It gives us a taste of what we might be in for.

 “… surveillance companies, using networks of cheap Web-connected cameras and powerful new video-analysis software, are starting to turn the Hollywood model into reality.  Faces and license plates can now be spotted [and accurately identified], in almost real time, at ports, military bases and companies.  Security perimeters can be changed or strengthened with a mouse click.  Feeds from hundreds of cameras can be combined into a single desktop view.  And videotape that used to take hours, even days, to scour is searched in minutes.”

Then there is this recent article on the use of brain scans, MRI’s, to detect lying.  They can look inside our brain to see if the centers associated with lying are active while we are responding to questions.;_ylt=An4B8j_gTFZBKQU0P0Jltx6s0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3b2NibDltBHNlYwM3MTY-

Reason for Hope ~ The abuses of Pluto are the hardest to get a hold on.  And, it has always seemed to me, no other planetary energy is more likely to be abused.  With Mars in problematic relation to the Pluto/G.C. conjunction, all that goes double.

Fortunately, as I pointed out, Jupiter, a tirelessly supportive and protective influence, will be close to Pluto during this whole cycle.  With Jupiter in the mix, the reality will probably not be as bad as the appearance or the expectation.  Much that we hear could simply turn out to be posturing.  

Also, with Saturn in favorable relationship, much of what might otherwise be wasted and excess motion will be channeled into lasting forms.

So, yes, things could get scary.  And they will certainly be nervous-making.  Having so much energy zinging about on the subtle planes is always unsettling and very tiring, especially for sensitive people.  (Take note.)  But our worst fears are likely to be unjustified.

Finer Legal and Ethical Distinctions ~ Pluto is the great definer—and redefiner—of boundaries.  Ruler of the Eighth House, it governs the boundary between health and sickness, life and death, and governments and individuals, between the individual and the group, between one individual and another.  

Pluto’s conjunction with the Galactic Center will, therefore, bring a thoroughgoing redefinition of all the boundaries—all the important (and unimportant) boundaries—or relationships—in our lives.

This will stir things up on the interpersonal level, at home, in the workplace, at school, in the shopping mall, at religious services … everywhere we go.

All of this will also require a re-thinking of all the most important legal and moral distinctions.  For example, the Unite States Constitution, and most especially the Bill of Rights, will require, or is likely to get, a fairly thoroughgoing reinterpretation, or refinement.  The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are all about boundaries—the most important boundaries.

Freedom of religion, the press, speech; freedom from illegal searches and seizures, property rights—virtually all rights, which are, in essence, matters of boundary—will need to be re-examined and more carefully defined.  Indeed, if you read the back pages of the newspaper, you will see that this moral and legal redefinition is ongoing.

Rumors of War ~ The astrocartography maps for Pluto’s approach to the Galactic Center, in both March and December, place the Mars and Pluto lines right over the most sensitive areas of the Middle East.  

Hence, we should expect to see the Middle East respond, or react, potently to this revolutionary/Utopian impulse from the heavens.  (Again, the victory of Hamas, the most militant, radical group on the ballot in the recent Palestinian election, should almost certainly be seen as a harbinger of things to come.)

Fortunately for all concerned, as noted above, Jupiter will be in strong and positive relationship to Pluto throughout.  Jupiter will be in mutual reception with Pluto in March.  And Saturn will be minding the store.

When Pluto returns to the Galactic Center in December, Mars will be in Sagittarius too.  However, calming, uplifting and generally benevolent Jupiter will have joined them.  

I believe that, by December, there will almost certainly by at least a little light at the end of the Middle Eastern tunnel.  Overall, I think the worst predictions will prove false.  Something or someone will step in to prevent our worst fears from coming true and the worst possibilities from being realized.

Iraq ~ The charts for Iraq and the Pluto/G.C., conjunction look encouraging.  It looks like some realistic options will develop for the Iraqi people, though I don’t think it could be said that they will have an easy time of it.

Sign by Sign Astrology Forecast For February 2006

General Comments ~ February is a hump month.  The first part of February will require sizeable decisions—very realistic and sizeable decisions.  We probably won’t have too many options and the ones we do have wouldn’t be our first choice.  But we will probably have to go with them.  
Even with the best shot we get, there is likely to be a lot of fine print and hidden costs.  We’ll have to work hard to keep the fine print from kicking in and harder still to avoid the hidden costs.  So we aren’t getting a lot of space in early February.
Later in the month, we will begin to see new possibilities and fewer obstacles.  Still, we will have to be careful not to be too impulsive, or to be too angry if we have to make additional trade-offs.  There will be lots of work-arounds.  It would be better if we didn’t have to resort to work-arounds—but most of us will.

Sign by Sign Astrology Forecast For February 2006

ARIES ~ The three most important things now are negotiation, adaptation and patience.  Finances force you to re-think cherished plans. Youngsters, or older folks who are being childish, are placing ‘undue burdens.’  However, if you get an early start on the challenges, you will find a way around just about every obstacle.  Others might prove more flexible later in the month.  Play by the rules.  Paint by numbers.  There will be little chance to improvise.  The stakes are too high to take chances.  Keep a sharp eye on the budget.

TAURUS ~ This could be a bittersweet month for Taurus.  You must deal with some deep and maybe difficult realizations about a loved one and with significant changes in the relationship you have had with them. It will not help that you are just about powerless to prevent or change these events.  Throwing money at the situation will not help.  You may be tempted to flirt with a mischievous person or two.  The stars suggest this would be harmless.  Hold your temper if they turn out to be a little manipulative.
GEMINI ~ Things will go from frustrating to almost too easy.  Obstacles will clear as February progresses and paths will open up. When paths do emerge, be careful. You have some subtle and complex messages to communicate and it would be very easy for someone to hear it wrong. Also, your influence is running high, almost too high.  People, including yourself, might overreact and try to do too much too soon.  Overzealousness is an issue.  Be mindful of the negative effect of behind-the-scenes scheming and manipulation.  Motives could be questionable.

CANCER ~ An issue at a distance is troubling you.  It is emotionally demanding.  Responding to it will consume valuable time and resources.  The duration and the outcome are uncertain.  It is an important issue and there is no way you can dodge it.  But you might not realize that everyone involved is depending on your insight, your direction and your leadership.  Your participation is key to emotional resolution for all concerned.  You might not think so, but you have the power to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved.
LEO ~ Your role is becoming increasingly complex. In spite of the rapid, continuing changes going on in your life, you must still be the voice of reason and moderation.  You must remain sober and sensible while everyone around you is carried away by idealistic and unrealistic notions.  On top of that, you are the one who has to keep things running, day-to-day. Personal changes are in order. It might just be necessary to lighten your own load.  Adopt a calm, polite but no-nonsense approach.  Shun questionable financial dealings.

VIRGO ~ You are being called upon and enabled to take a leading role in the change and transformation going on all around you.  This will often mean that you must counter enthusiasm with common sense. Ensure that the rush to change doesn’t bring chaos.  Examine deeply held beliefs about yourself and your role in life. Many of your beliefs could be holding you back or causing psychological difficulties.  Be mindful of manipulative or squirrelly tendencies in you or in people close to you.  Your financial foundations are growing more solid.

LIBRA ~ The planets are helping you find an ideal lifestyle that is both practical and in tune with your deepest needs.  The key is to balance your own most profound life concerns with an appropriate career.  You are being hampered somewhat by random flirtations—with people, with activities, with hobbies—that distract you and obscure your true interests.  An ailment that causes you to pull back from over-involvement might be a blessing in disguise.  Be careful not to overspend as your income grows.  However, a work- or career-related expense will pay dividends.
SCORPIO ~ Take advantage of favorable conditions early in February.  Things won’t mesh so easily later.  The impulsiveness of partners is putting a strain on finances and other resources. Involvement with innovative and independently minded people, especially younger people, will bring benefits.  Soon, you will find innovative and younger people provide more and more of what you need in life. Frank, penetrating discussions will be necessary with such people, but these encounters will prove beneficial. Neurotic or squirrelly ‘influences’ that frustrated and annoyed you in the past will prove less troublesome.
SAGITTARIUS ~ Home, family and neighborhood issues are emphasized in February.  People will, it seems, race around pursuing misguided ideas with way too much enthusiasm.  They will need and want your support for ideas that seem highly questionable to you.  So you must guide misdirected energies into safer and more worthwhile channels.  Finding the strength to hold back the tide of foolishness will be tough.  You will often be left with little but your faith in yourself and your own ideas to go on.  The future will prove you right, though.

CAPRICORN ~ You will find that everything important in everybody else’s life manages to intersect with your life in February.  People basically need to know how to manage their affairs and management is Capricorn’s strong suit.  Your own concerns this month are primarily financial.  You must harmonize income and expenses, short-term and long-term.  It would help if, in the process, you cut back impulsive, short-term expenditures for the sake of long-term comfort and fulfillment.  Someone will help you understand the difference between folly and self-expression and between self-gratification and true contentment.

AQUARIUS ~ Aquarians do not like being pushed, but circumstances are pretty much forcing you to make ‘accommodations.’  However, the pressure should ease toward the end of the month and more agreeable options will present themselves.  Also, even though you feel a lot of pressure, you do have a great deal of influence over people and events and your native self-assurance remains strong. New and deeper understanding between yourself and loved ones will develop.  In-depth conversations are in order. Underneath it all, February really emphasizes the need for deep personal transformation.

PISCES ~ The planets are stimulating your personality and highlighting you in public.  But things might also be upsetting you in ways you don’t realize, causing reactions you aren’t fully aware of and can’t control.  You feel especially sensitive to criticism.  This is to the good if it motivates you to take advantage of the abundant opportunities to educate yourself and broaden your mind that are being made available to you. Despite insecurities, your influence over people and events remains great.  Key associates might be indulging in manipulative and irrational behavior.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Hard Facts Make The Best Foundations

Hard Facts Make the Best Foundations

The Tenor of the Times, January 2005

THE GREAT REINING IN ~ In 2006 the seemingly open-ended series of confusing and disruptive events to which the world has been subject will continue to dominate world news. But as 2006 progresses, news of a noticeably new, significantly different and better world will begin to attract our attention.

Energy from the Galactic Center, emerging into our collective consciousness through Pluto, will inspire and motivate people to remake the world in a positive, constructive way.

The conjunction of Pluto and the Galactic Center will have special significance for the United States. The last conjunction occurred several decades before the birth of the United States. It might be argued that the United States is an embodiment of the energy released during that last conjunction in the middle of the 18th century. The upcoming conjunction will undoubtedly mark a major threshold in the historical maturation of the US.

The ‘tipping point’ of 2006, the point at which people in general can see that change is inevitable and permanent, will come in August. However, it will become clear long before August that something is in the offing.

It will occur when Saturn completes its first opposition to Neptune, effectively putting an end to Neptune’s deceptive influence over world affairs.

Saturn’s sobering leverage over world events, already noticeable, will take hold in August. Saturn will pass the mid-point of Leo, in mid-August. At the end of August, the Saturn will oppose Neptune for the first time, solidifying its dominant influence on the world’s vibe.

FAITH’-BASED FACTS VS. FACT-BASED FACTS ~ An ardent profession of faith will no longer sound to the world’s ear like a guarantee of truth. Even George W. Bush, a veteran practitioner fervent, faith-based rhetoric is already showing a newfound, respect for the facts.

With the tide of Neptunian illusion ebbing, much of the damage caused by deceptive political rhetoric will become more painfully apparent than it already is. People will be in the mood to ask penetrating and embarrassing questions and wait patiently for the answers.

Saturn’s ascendancy over Neptune will probably also weaken the hold that ideological and religious zealots, including demagogues, tyrants and terrorists, have over the mind’s of their adherents.

THE PENDULUM SWINGS BACK ~ In recent years, the quality of civic and commercial life has deteriorated markedly.  Telemarketing, loud cell phone conversations, 20 minutes of annoying advertising before a movie, intrusive public address systems to trumpet special sale items at Walmart, aggressive sales pitches while on you’re on hold … such irritating, exploitative and offensive practices have become the norm. In 2006, the reaction against such things will intensify.

Perhaps more serious, business practices that put the customers and employees at serious risk have flourished. Risky mortgages, shaky pension plans, dwindling health insurance coverage, neglected safety, poor and unreliable service … In the coming decade, with Saturn in the ascendancy, we can expect to see a broad-based movement against these and other wildly irresponsible business and employment practices.

GEORGE W. BUSH IN THE SHADOWS ~ T-squares dominate composite charts for Bush’s birthdate and New Years Day 2006 and other important dates in January, just as they dominated the composite chart for Bush and the 2005 Inauguration.

The way the world actually works, these T-squares mean that Bush will have another very, very difficult year with strong resistance or outright opposition to his policies.

POLITICAL PROGRESS IN IRAQ ~ Virtually all of the charts for Iraq, even those charts with a Grand Trine, are marred by indications of widespread deception, manipulation, intense power struggles, factional violence and general skullduggery.

It is unclear from the charts what exactly might bring an end to the current state of affairs. I believe that some as yet unforeseen event or some as yet unknown person, country, group or agency must eventually emerge and intervene to bring this conflict to an end.

Something—a law mandating US withdrawal, a UN resolution, the massive intervention of another country or all of the above--something must establish a new starting point in Iraq, a new point of departure because, from the astrological perspective, the elements currently at play offer no solutions.

AMERICAN INVOLVEMENT IN IRAQ ~ Pluto will leave the US first house early in 2010. Additionally, the US Solar Arc Uranus will be past its conjunction with US natal Pluto. Hence, the US inclination to impose its will on other nations through the machineries of war will persist at some level until the end of this decade.

As Pluto completes its transit of the US 1st House, the passion will simply go out of the Iraq war effort. But I don’t think we can expect a decisive rejection of the war until Pluto leaves the US 1st House entirely at the end of the decade.


- Bush’s already serious political difficulties,

- Growing impatience with Iraq,

- Lingering resentment about how Bush got us into Iraq,

- Grave doubts about the conduct of the war,

- Growing political unease over the use of torture by US interrogators,

- Growing legal difficulties for the Bush administration and prominent Republican leaders,

- The looming confrontation with Congress over Bush-approved domestic spying by the NSA,

- Growing unease over the infringement of civil rights in the name of the war on terror,

- A fight over renewal of the so-called Patriot Act, prominent,

- Congresspeople from both parties promising new investigative hearings in 2006,

- The seemingly all-encompassing corruption scandal surrounding the work of “disgraced Congressional lobbyist” Jack Abramoff,

- The historic failure of the government before, during and after hurricane Katrina a possible battle over a key Supreme Court nomination,

- A mid-term Congressional election in November 2006,

In the context of all of the above and so much more, the US seems headed directly for a major political crisis pitting the neoconservative faction of the Republican party against just about everyone else.

Given all of the above, an effort to impeach Bush does not seem out of the question to me.

THE LAW’S DELAY ~ With Saturn newly retrograde, the legal gears will be grinding very slowly and ‘painstakingly.’ This is a painful prospect for Congressman Tom Delay of Texas who is looking for a quick and favorable resolution of the case against him. In fact, Court decisions that might have led to an early trial and a quick return to his position of power in Congress are going against him.

Saturn, as noted, is slowly but surely gaining ground on Neptune. But it is also in broad trine to Pluto. The trine to Pluto intensifies and underwrites, or leverages, all of the trends and processes set in motion by Saturn’s coming dominance of Neptune. This will enable and strongly incline Americans (and many others in the world) to finally get at the truth of important issues and perhaps find justice.

Saturn retrograde, trine Pluto and opposite Neptune will do nothing to hasten progress or final resolution to any of the difficult legal or Congressional processes already under way or soon to get under way. Quite the contrary.

Jupiter in the Economic Trenches ~ One of the most interesting and expressive charts for January 2006 is the Jupiter persona chart for New Years Day. It includes a Grand Square that entrains the energy of all of the planets except Pluto and Uranus. Uranus forms a trine to the main stellium, or group, of planets. Pluto forms a trine with Saturn.

So, in Jupiter’s own Persona Chart, its individual astrological portrait for New Years Day 2006, Jupiter’s energies are highly impaired. But the flow of Saturnian and Uranian energies is enhanced and facilitated.

People will have tighter budgets. However, those who find new, ingenious ways of doing things (Uranus) that are, at the same time, true to old, tried and true values (Saturn), will prosper. Ingenious new products that are also dependable, durable and affordable will still find an enthusiastic market. While the old economy gets itself straightened out, new markets for new things will take off on their own.

CHIRON’S TOLL A CAUTIONARY NOTE ~ The difficult relation between Chiron and Saturn has been reestablished. This ensures that disasters that take place now are likely to take a heavy toll. This worrisome relationship will persist until September 2007 when Saturn enters Virgo leaving Chiron in Aquarius and breaking up the Saturn/Chiron opposition.

At midnight on New Years Day, 2006, the various Saturn/Chiron lines bracket Washington, DC, and come very close to New York City. On the other side of the world, Saturn/Chiron lines run through Indonesia and the Philippines, grazing the southwest coast of China, bracketing North and South Korea, and parts of southern Japan.

Sign by Sign January 2006

Sign by Sign Astrology Forecast For January 2006

GENERAL COMMENTS During January, and probably for much of 2006, our faith in our dreams and ourselves will be tested. The key will be to not falter despite the confusing and disruptive circumstances surrounding us.

Don’t be discouraged and don’t accept January’s obstacles as an excuse to give up. True vision and hard work will overcome the fears caused by shortsightedness and the confusion wrought by transitory disruptions and delays.

We cannot expect easy or quick success, but we know and will clearly sense that the progress being made, although it seems modest, is solid and lasting and continued hard work will lead us reliably to our goals. January’s modest and hard won gains will continue to grow and ultimately yield great returns.

The times support the slow and steady pursuit of distant but worthwhile goals amidst confusing and sometimes discouraging events. But they also require that our motivation be genuine and our reasoning sound.

Perhaps the month’s greatest difficulties will come from trying to sort through our own motives and clarify our own reasoning so that we can ensure a better future and one in accord with our real desires.


ARIES ~ You are aware of the obstacles confronting you and everyone else too. You also continue to have a strong intuitive sense of what needs to be done. And you know that there is a way to work around obstacles. However, nobody seems quite ready to accept your leadership. They have concerns of their own. Be patient and supportive. There are many irritations, but a show of temper now could bring everything to a screeching halt. This is not the time to spend your way out of a problem, either.

TAURUS ~ Peace of mind is a high priority, now. It is closely linked with finances nowadays. Clear up confusion surrounding long-term financial arrangements or set up new and more agreeable arrangements. This will go a long way toward establishing or re-establishing peace of mind. You might be tempted to enter into intrigues in order to achieve your goals in romance or to get your way among creative partners or youngsters in your life. But that could eventually cost you both money and peace of mind. Stay true to your principles.

GEMINI – January is about your work situation. Bring future plans and your job description into line with ongoing changes. Find out what is glitter and what is gold. You are well-positioned to see where the possibilities lie. The right choices will bring abundant rewards. Your personal preferences are also important. The situation will remain fluid and flexible so you can safely experiment and explore. A gracious and caring person will ease your concerns and guide you in wise financial directions. Changes at the top will work in your favor.

CANCER – You are under protective and supportive influences early in January. Changes and experiments are OK. Things could get a little dicey later in January. Big changes going down immediately around you will work in your favor and the hard stuff will hit somewhere else. But be prepared to show patience for those caught up more directly in these developments. Partnership areas and long-term financial arrangements are the focus. Keep issues clear and simple in your own mind and resist all efforts to make them complicated. Simpler is better.

LEO ~ You will be called on to play ringmaster yet again this month. You will be outnumbered, as usual, and sometimes outmaneuvered by friends, coworkers, children, creative partners and on and on. You must also keep a look out for short-tempered superiors. Everybody will be expecting more time and energy and patience than you can even come close to expending. But the thing is, you have a much better understanding of things than everyone else. If you can keep your message simple and consistent, it will have the desired effect.

VIRGO ~ Progress on so many crucial issues in your professional life right now depends on certain breakthroughs in your own deepest personal life. Something always seems to prevent you from making the necessary leap of faith. Many fears and anxieties remain. However, early in January, you will find the opportunity and the courage and the insight you need to make these deep personal decisions and to make them right. At the same time, you might have to embrace certain ‘realities.’ But the outcome will be a solid new starting point.

LIBRA ~ You might begin January worried by the obstacles you face and the tough decisions you have to make. But you will end the month impressed by how easily things actually went. The strength and the tools to succeed will come from somewhere or someone. Money might be a bit tighter than you’d like, but your overall situation will improve significantly. There is still a very strong emphasis on key partnerships and constructive local involvements. Change will continue to bring you luck, but be prepared to make adjustments as events unfold.

SCORPIO ~ Your efforts to share your newfound optimism and expand your horizons is running into strong opposition from just about everyone who counts. Not to worry. This opposition will help you build more solidly. Without the resistance you are encountering you could easily produce consequences that you didn’t intend and do not want. Meanwhile, there is scarcely an objection or an obstacle that you cannot work around. You will find that you have far more understanding of and power over the situation than you thought. Deep down, everyone knows you’re right.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Right now, you can get many of the results you desire, but things just won’t quite fall into place. Later in January, as things do fall into place more easily, be careful. Many things simply won’t be what they appear. Many challenges remain hidden. There won’t be a lot you can do. You have to let people learn about underlying problems and work things out in their own mind. This is one of those situations were you probably actually want things to move slowly anyway. Meanwhile, don’t force things.

CAPRICORN ~ This month, and for some time to come, you will achieve far, far more by building consensus and forming teams than by giving orders. In fact, maybe you should just let teams form themselves naturally. If you really pay attention and read carefully between the lines, you will realize that people mostly agree with you and they are moving in directions that you like. Perhaps the big lesson this month is that it is better to have people working with you than for you. Learn to trust more deeply.

AQUARIUS ~ You still have to make adjustments with demanding or stubborn or simply hesitant partners. And there still seem to be too many upsetting issues in your life. Some major decisions are looming, too. However, this month there should be a lot more sweetness to go along with any potential bitterness. You will find people far more inclined to follow your lead. And you should experience a growing sense of confidence and optimism. Long-term financial affairs need a little more vigilance than usual. A ‘difficult’ influence is at work there.

PISCES ~ Pisceans will find themselves with a surprising amount of influence during a time of great and often difficult choices. You can make important changes easier and you can affect their direction. But while everything is shifting around and you are helping others find their way, you should keep a sharp eye on your own interests and your own future. You can count on the continued support of the planets, especially in the areas of travel, education and spirituality. A rather difficult influence will soon begin to affect partnership areas.