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My analyses are based on composite charts that combine data for the New and Full Moons of each month.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Stampede - 500 Words About January 2007


500 Words About January 2007

January 2007 is about things moving so fast it is impossible to keep track and, what’s probably worse, impossible to keep our sense of direction. This confusion is benign. A blizzard of puzzle pieces is rushing into place. The planets are stampeding people toward a more enlightened way of life, willy-nilly.
The planets will protect people from the bad consequences of past mistakes--temporarily. They will provide room to maneuver safely. The planets will also provide an opportunity to move forward, rewarding those who do move forward. They will be especially hard on those who cling to failed ideas. Accordingly, many courageous and insightful world leaders will seek new, genuinely enlightened solutions to existing problems.
If violence in the Middle East or in the Horn of Africa does not cease, it will not spread. If violent factions in Iraq cannot be suppressed, they will be kept from determining the outcome of events. Meanwhile, right-thinking political leaders will make progress.
Misguided political leaders usually think that if they avoid utter disaster, their ideas are working. Such seems to be the case with President Bush (and Tony Blair) in Iraq.
Under January’s vibes, misguided political leaders will be compelled to abandon bad ideas. Despite the persistent unrest, new approaches to existing problems, based on enlightened, truly progressive ideas will prevail.
January’s benevolent carrot and stick dynamic will drive everyone hard and fast toward better solutions to problems at every level of society, in every walk of life, in every country in the world.

General Psychological Conditions

It will seem like Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder have become epidemic. Nerves will be raw from continuing stress. Most will have a less intense month and enjoy progress, though. Most of us will catch our breath and get our bearings, sort of. But stress levels will remain high as we adjust to a rapidly changing situation without a lot of solid information to guide our choices.
This, I think, will be because Pluto’s first exact conjunction with the Galactic Center will be past. The next conjunction is in July 2007. The last is in October 2007. These remaining conjunctions will be less intense and many outstanding issues will be resolved or on the way to resolution by the last conjunction, next October.

Quick Takes

Iraq Charts for Iraq show extreme, violent power struggles beset by deadly intrigue and conspiracy at the highest levels. The issues are political power and control of economic resources. As bad as they are, though, the charts do suggest the possibility of eventual stability. The disempowerment of women and the distortion of the feminine principle generally are a fundamental cause of Iraq’s difficulties.

Iran Charts for Iran suggest a strong willingness to fight for its goals. Iranians have a deep feeling of national entitlement strengthened by a sense of victimhood. Political debate within Iran is plagued by violent conspiracy theories and governing factions are heavily embroiled in treacherous plotting and intrigue.

Bush President Bush continues on an independent course against powerful opposition. Important economic issues call for his attention.

Sign By Sign Forecast for January 2007

Sign By Sign Forecast for January 2007
General Comments ~ We might find ourselves wondering whether
January’s vibes are just a continuation of the turbulent vibes that
dominated the fall months. In reality, we have reached something
between a turning point, a speed bump and a pause in the action. We
are actually past the worst of it, this time through the cosmic
blender, although many important issues are still unresolved. Many
of us are standing more or less firmly on new ground, at a relatively
new and better starting point. But many of us will be a while
figuring out exactly how to proceed from this new starting point.
Our lives are still swirling with important developments. Surely our
heads will still be swirling from recent events. However, the level
of relief offered by January will probably make it seem like a break
from the action. It is a time to seek and to share information to
help each other get our bearings in this new terrain.

Everything wants to move ahead now. Whatever the exact goal,
it promises to bring a life that works better, more efficiently and
with greater fairness and benefit for everyone. Everyone senses the
importance of events. However, something, maybe many somethings, are
keeping the train from leaving the station. For you especially it’s
a need to know the deeper meaning of this new direction. You aren’t
willing to just go for another ride that gets you nowhere. Deal with
people who are always using power plays to manipulate the situation.
TAURUS ~ Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to keep order
in one of the biggest, non-stop reshuffling situations the world has
seen in some time. Explain the wisdom of delay one minute and the
importance of progress the next. Not to worry, you are very much in
touch with the times. If, inwardly, you feel chaotic and uncertain,
flying by the seat of your pants, making it up as you go along,
that’s what the times require. Do what you can to head off
conspiracies and rebellion.
GEMINI ~ There are big developments afoot, they are unstoppable, and
it’s important that everyone does the right thing. However, the
need to get certain basic details straight will hold everything up.
Tempers could easily flare. You can direct this impatience into
productive channels. Explaining everything that needs explaining
could be quite taxing. The trickiest part of all could be protecting
your financial interests during negotiations. You have a big
financial stake in the outcome, though, so you can’t sit on the
sidelines. Don’t bargain away more than you can afford.
CANCER ~ You are surrounded by truly confusing levels of activity.
You won’t be able to dodge requests for help in understanding what
is happening or what should be done. Even though you can’t make
sense of it yourself. You will have to try. Don’t try thinking it
through in linear, rational fashion. It won’t work. Use your
intuition. Everything you say probably won’t be entirely true, but
it will have the insight people need for the next step. You are as
much in tune with events as anyone can be.
LEO ~ You can’t do much about everything that is happening. And
your first impulse is to keep others from doing anything either, at
least until they take the time to think things through. For you, all
the hustle and bustle seems a little abstract, something you are
experiencing at a distance. But your understanding is deepening and
others will benefit more than you realize if you share this
understanding with them. Even simple, partial insights will help a
lot. If your self-confidence and enthusiasm fail, keep yourself
going with willpower.
VIRGO ~ You understand that the hustle and bustle, the excitement and
anticipation are moving things in the direction of your ideal. So the
seemingly endless disruptions, detours and delays will not bother
you. Your concern is that everything be done just right, and you
know how tough it is to do things just right. In the process, your
self-understanding is being updated. Events are affecting your
finances, but you also need to be mindful of intrigues and finance-
related power plays, especially as these regard your spouse or other
close partner.
LIBRA ~ You don’t have any real control over events. But all the
issues revolve around stuff you always understood instinctively.
Help keep a lid on things by providing insights. Don’t resort, or
even *seem* to resort, to manipulation. The anxieties and suspicions
of others are easily aroused now. If you resort to intrigue or
manipulation, it can backfire on you. Appeal to people’s better
nature. This is a time to shed old fears, and misconceptions about
how to exercise influence in social situations. Have a little more
faith in people.
SCORPIO ~ Issues that seem remote and abstract can quickly become
personal and concrete now. You can cope and many sources of pressure
or tension have eased significantly. Ultimately, though, you will
have to make adjustments in your neighborhood, among those with whom
you live and do business everyday. You must take things to a higher
level, making those you contact daily aware of your higher
aspirations and deeper personal values. Difficulty focusing and
channeling your energies indicates a need to adjust your long-term
goals. Change how people regard your life-purpose.
SAGITTARIUS ~ The lessons of a hard time in your life will come in
handy in helping others sort out an avalanche of challenges. You can
help others cope. You can’t provide an immediate positive outcome.
Delay could cause tempers to flare. Impatience could bring foolish
moves. You will need to channel such energies constructively. You
probably didn’t expect to be successfully wielding such social
power, a kind of power that has given you so much trouble recently.
Luck is with you. Authority figures, who once blocked you, will
prove cooperative.
CAPRICORN ~ You have a lot of irons in the fire and everything is
being held up for one or another reason. But you agree with many of
the reasons things are being held up and understand that many of
these delays will benefit you. If things went ahead as planned right
now, you’d have problems anyway. The alleviation of longstanding
anxieties and the healing of old wounds will help you make greater
financial progress. Such things were keeping you from options that
would prove both beneficial and profitable for you.
AQUARIUS ~ Tensions between yourself and your closest partner(s) have
brought a kind of isolation. Sometimes you just seem like big
burdens to each other. Take the emphasis off key partners and depend
more on a wider social network. You can even enlist your closest
allies in the effort to expand your social support network. There is
a lot going on and many important decisions are pending these days.
You can use this changeful time profitably to adjust relationships
with friends to provide greater, more flexible and varied kinds of
PISCES ~ Don’t compromise your principles to please someone in
authority, or vice versa. It would backfire on both of you. But do
accept that there are deeply healing and rewarding aspects to this
relationship. Despite the pressure to make a move, progress toward
improved economic relations with the world has slowed to a crawl.
Some basic issues need reexamination. Progress will resume at a
higher and more satisfactory level come spring. The underlying issue
is your willingness to open yourself to others, to use your
imagination to create for others.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Gateway - 500 Words About December 2006

500 Words About December 2006
December is a gateway, a cosmic gateway, if you will, into a new time. December 2006 forces the world into new historical territory, in a good way. A three-sided mystic rectangle and, of course, the first of the long-awaited, much anticipated exact conjunctions of Pluto and the Galactic Center dominate.
The Pluto/GC conjunction will pour immense new energies into our system. The three-sided mystic rectangle, working as a system of carrots and sticks, will gently, supportively corral people in a new direction, at least for a while. Then the aspects will just corral them.

Storm clouds will gather, increasing the pressure to change, warning those who drag their heels. If delay or avoidance continues, the storm will break. The storm will only intensify while avoidance and rejection of change continue.

Initially, the new will present itself, allowing either acceptance or rejection. If it is accepted, there will be immediate progress with a minimum of risk. If it is delayed or rejected, the need for change will quickly present itself again.

However, the price of delay will increase. The penalty for rejecting the new will grow. If genuine innovation is persistently rejected, there will be serious trouble. This is not a good moment in history to try to get away with things.

Frequently, when business and political leaders announce a new direction, they only try to sell us the same old stuff in a new package. Not too surprisingly, some of that appears to be going on right now.

I’m thinking, for example, of the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy who all got together recently and offered gay Catholics the same old bogus options. Then there is Bush’s recent offer to consider new ideas on Iraq, as long as they are the same as his old ideas.

But under present astrological conditions, Bush and the Catholic Bishops, and many others, will be forced to not only consider, but also adopt truly new options, and sooner rather than later.

Sometimes leaders are sincere about change, but circumstances force them into the same old patterns. This time, circumstances will allow leaders seeking genuine change to break new ground. A minimum wage increase, an true fix for social security, repairs to the broken Medicare drug benefit, as well as many new and progressive ideas will become reality.

World leaders often seem to go unpunished for misdeeds, but the upcoming cycle will be less tolerant of injustice in high places.

Some Quickies

Circumstances and the consequences of past actions will back Bush into a corner. His administration will be increasingly at the mercy of disgruntled former allies and staunch opponents.

Unstable power relations, abused power and intrigue are making North Korea unstable internally.

Israel will conduct business as usual, despite serious tensions between itself and just about all present and future possible allies.

Iran is out of sync with rest of the world and is only partly aware of the negative impression it is making.

The Iraqis are not without options, despite the seriousness of their situation.
Astrology Forecast for December 2006

General Comments ~
A month when both the challenges we face and the solutions we are offered push us in the same direction. We will be insured against risk and allowed to experiment without serious consequences. However, we will be pushed by events toward the solution to a particular set of challenges and to address these challenges with more enlightened, selfless and idealistic solutions than we would
ordinarily have chosen. There is a catch. If we do not choose the proper, enlightened approach to meeting these challenges, the challenge will return again and again until we do.

Sign by Sign Astrology Forecast For December 2006

ARIES ~ Your situation is quite hopeful but rather unwieldy. It will be hard to make all the pieces come together and go in the right direction, but indications are positive overall. You ar
e insulated somewhat from risks. Take the high road. Dodging moral and spiritual issues will get you in trouble this month. Don’t let manipulations and power plays mess up key relationships. Anything that educates or broadens the mind, like travel or study, is strongly favored. Events or people who live at some distance will have a beneficial influence.

TAURUS ~ Financial issues are very strongly emphasized. Complex and momentous long-term financial decisions are in the works. Let situations develop; let facts emerge before making final decisions. If you take it slow and keep day-to-day costs down, you will hit your targets. However, investment and saving issues are quite favorably aspected overall, so don’t worry. All your financial holdings should grow a little faster from now on, no matter what. It is especially important to integrate family and community concerns wisely into your overall lifestyle. Avoid schemers on the job.

GEMINI ~ Your continued financial success depends on your ability to win over many people with differing agendas. You are one of many voices trying to influence important events. Relations with most key associates are shifting, also. However, your voice is particularly appealing to both the minds and the hearts of those who must hear you. Although the situation is surprisingly complex, the general atmosphere is supportive, and your message has weight and central importance. Don’t compromise your ideals to succeed. You’ll only end up facing the same issues again, very soon.

CANCER ~ Your preferences and desires take a back seat to the needs and demands of others--at home and at work. Many people have issues and questions that relate directly to things that you understand innately and which are especially important to you. Help others work through the complications and risks so they can see the benefits. Help them understand that, despite appearances, good things are definitely coming. You must dig deep, find the right thing for yourself and others and get the message out. Developments at work bode well financially.

LEO ~ The burdens and responsibilities that most Leos are facing will soon be transformed into sound, long-term achievements and deep satisfaction. Creativity, romance and joyful self-expression are all indicated. This positive influence will continue for many months. Even so, you must make an effort to steer these developments in new and more rewarding directions. Don’t be tempted back into old patterns that you know for sure lead nowhere. You should continue to work on reorganizing your finances. Short-term spending and long-term financial needs must be brought into balance.

VIRGO ~ Tap the breaks. Confidence and energy are running high, but check carefully to make sure things are worth doing. Evaluate your many activities and identify those few involvements that suit you and that you can sustain with available resources. But be faithful to your ideals and don’t give up your dreams. Home and family areas are calling for a lot of extra attention, maybe too much. You need greater balance between family obligations and the rest of your life. Update your ideas about how you come across to others.

LIBRA ~ December offers a possible new starting point. There is protection from risk, opportunities to consolidate and grow, but there are restrictions. You have patience and deep insight helping your efforts to achieve your ideal lifestyle as well as economic and community standing. But impulsiveness and unpredictable behavior, especially at work, can work against you. Discipline is required. Be confident, but be aware of the need to change some things. You would profit greatly from looking within and changing or tossing out any personal attitudes that might be holding you back.

SCORPIO ~ Many aspects of your outer life are out of sync with many aspects of your inner life. For everyone’s sake, you’ve had to pretend that this works for you. There are certain things you can’t change. But the planets are encouraging you to experiment. Even within existing limits, many possibilities are now open to you. They will improve life for you but they might cause confusion among those close to you. It will take time to make everyone understand. Keep your thoughts about important relationships simple, clear and bright.

SAGITTARIUS ~ People want your help with their plans and dreams for the future. The planets are empowering you to provide the insight and confidence that they need. Be careful not to compromise your principles or ideals in order to help. Discourage others from compromising their principles. Fear not. There is a lot of positive, creative chaos at work in the world now. It will help bring about things that seem impossible to those feeling discouraged or thinking negatively. A new cycle of economic and personal growth is beginning for Sagittarius.

CAPRICORN ~ December will lift Capricorn spirits as good news comes in about issues that have weighed on your mind. You should also experience relief from financial worries as earnings and savings improve. There is planetary resistance to larger, long-term goals right now. Effort will be needed to lay the foundations for success, but you should continue to work toward these grander goals. Much can be achieved in more modest projects, in matters close to home or in your community. Marriage or another close bond will bring strength and personal satisfaction.

AQUARIUS ~ In this complicated and changeful month you can depend on your luck to make things work out well. There have been many stresses, strains and tensions between you and your key partners and other important associates in recent times and these have caused you much soul searching. The issues that have divided you will now yield new understandings and these, in turn, will become the basis of a stronger and deeper bond, better than you have ever enjoyed. Activities undertaken on sheer impulse could turn out to be costly.

PISCES ~ Those in charge, both at home and at work, are sending mixed signals. You couldn’t do exactly what they all said if you tried. You have plenty of wiggle room, though. Everybody needs to slow down and figure out what really needs to be done and how to do it. In recent times, work has been a real burden. However, all the hard lessons you learned about work will soon coalesce into something useful. It will help out at work and take you in new and very rewarding directions.

Friday, October 27, 2006

New World Infrastructure

New World Infrastructure

The Tenor of the Times, November 2006 (c. 500 Words)

November will kick off large, positive and important trends and initiatives globally.  

Late in November, as Jupiter enters Sagittarius, the sign that Jupiter rules, and the US rising sign, it will inaugurate a major new economic growth cycle for the United States and the world.  The charts suggest a strong positive link between US political leaders and national finances.  This will engender a new domestic political partnership to promote growth and prosperity in the US which will have global ramifications.

Historically the US has driven the global economy.  An economic surge in the US usually brings a cycle of global economic growth.  That is surely good.  However, Jupiter’s approaching conjunction with Pluto, its long slow square to Uranus, and its trine relationship with Saturn makes this an especially important Jupiter transit and an especially momentous economic growth cycle.  

Around the world, huge resources will be plowed into projects that bring positive, long-term, large-scale transformations in global economic, political and cultural relationships.  Longstanding precedents in international political and economic relationships will be broken, in a good way.

The quincunx relation between Uranus and Saturn suggests that the new economic initiatives will be big enough to inspire whole nations and openly intended wise and necessary investments in the future.  

Panama, for example, has recently voted overwhelmingly in favor of spending $5.25 billion to enlarge the Panama Canal.  Panama’s neighbor Nicaragua wants to spend $18 billion or more to create its own canal.  Both of these projects could dramatically improve the economies of Panama and Nicaragua, and they would also enhance world-trade.

Despite longstanding mutual distrust, Russia and Europe are working hard to establish stable relations and to create the secure and reliable infrastructure that will make Russia’s vast energy reserves available to Europe.

On the diplomatic front, it is likely that China will continue its efforts to rein in North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, with all that that implies.  This marks a historical and very beneficial shift in China’s foreign policy and indicates that China is redefining its own role in the world in ways that can prove very helpful to the world at large.

On the political front, we will, I think, see the Bush administration change course in Iraq, finally.  The new Jupiter aspects could also bring a willingness on the part of countries in the region to help solve the region’s problems, including the problem of Iraq. We’ll keep our fingers crossed on that one.

I think we will see similarly important and positive initiatives with similarly momentous implications undertaken by many countries or the world.

This new Jupiter influence takes hold as the difficult Pluto/Uranus square is slowly easing.  Soon, too, the first exact conjunction between Pluto and the Galactic Center will be complete (late December).  Both of these developments, one quickly, one slowly, should significantly reduce tension and volatility in the world even as the beneficial new Jupiter influence kicks in.

The Jupiter ingress also occurs as Pluto, Saturn and Neptune continue their truth-seeking relationship.  That and the continuing trine relationship between Saturn and Pluto indicate that the public’s taste for investigations and exposés and revelations will continue strong.  If, as now appears fairly certain, the Democrats regain control of the House of Representatives, we can, indeed, expect Congressional investigations into the conduct of the war in Iraq.

The planets affect good guys and bad guys.  So the enemies of peace and prosperity will also be at work, coming up with new ideas to disrupt world affairs and exploiting the new planetary arrangements with dark intent.  Also, even strongly positive changes can cause difficulties among people who are not properly prepared or whose situation is already precarious.

On the personal level, many of us will take off in new and promising directions.  Something important, radically new and positive will break the surface of our individual lives.  We will experience similar initiatives in our workplace and in any organizations with which me might be involved.

All in all, I’m looking forward to November.

Sign by Sign Forecast For November 2006

General Comments ~ We’ve all been dealing with change so long now, constant adjustment to new conditions just seems like the norm.  But November brings a turning point, a point of no return.  New ideas, or ideas for new projects, things that have been on our minds or in the air for a long time, will touch down.  In the midst of a potentially challenging month, we will all find an opportunity to finally bring a long held plan to fruition, even as a lot of other things appear to be reaching a crisis point.  This opportunity will require continuing adjustments and accommodations in coming months so that it can grow and take deeper root.  Right now, it is probably hard for most of us to imagine what form these continuing shifts will take.  So take it slow.


Sign by Sign Astrology Forecast For November 2006

You are highly motivated and well positioned to make important changes in your financial arrangements.  This month you will have the stimulus and the psychological resources to do so.  You also have an influence and a freedom of movement that might have been lacking previously.  In fact, a whole new cycle of growth and development will shortly begin for you.  However, caution is advised.  There’s a lot of fine print that won’t become obvious for a while yet.  Only the passage of time will reveal it, so go slow.

TAURUS ~ A once important part of your life no longer holds your interest or presents the challenges and opportunities that it once did.  But conditions are right to transform an inspiring sideline into something major.  Use resources gained from this sideline in new, expansive ways.  Years of careful financial preparation are beginning to pay off, too. Your long-term investments will soon begin to grow at a faster pace.  Your resources will provide the confidence and freedom you need to move in this new direction.  But take things slow.  Complexities abound.

GEMINI ~ Your current work situation just isn’t the best fit.  Those in power are making changes that seem attractive to some and these changes might solve some problems for the organization as a whole.  However, the changes aren’t necessarily helpful or attractive to you. The wisest thing would be to go along with the changes for the now.  If you are patient and determined, you can slowly but surely take the situation in a direction that you find appealing. You can build a new and lasting social and professional network.

CANCER ~ Many might think that you have landed in a tough spot without many good choices and lots of problems.  Things are moving fast and they are indeed a bit chaotic.  However, you are sensitive to the subtle currents and can see pathways invisible to others.  So you see advantages and opportunities in your new situation that others miss.  Your new circumstances provide a rare opportunity to satisfy your boss while you aggressively pursue a personal goal near to your heart.  You can turn the obstacles into advantages almost magically.

LEO ~ Circumstances have thrown a monkey wrench into important plans.  But you are compelled by long-term financial goals and family concerns to stay the course.  Examining your long-term financial goals and family responsibilities might provide the insight needed to shape your current situation wisely.  Within the limits set by these obligations, great creativity is possible.  If you put these obligations first, you will avoid lots of trouble just down the road.  Special achievements are possible in your creative life and where children and loved ones are concerned.

VIRGO ~ You need to harmonize family, work and community responsibilities now.  Resolving tensions between local responsibilities and responsibilities in distant places is also key.  Positive developments at home will help significantly.  An inventive and independent-minded partner can provide invaluable and lasting assistance.  Contributions from this person will significantly alleviate challenges you may be facing.  There will be plenty left to do in coming months, however, you can establish a lasting and constructive dynamic. Accumulating assets should be a continuing focus.  You must adjust strategies and tactics before finances will flow.  

LIBRA ~ Nearly every aspect of your financial affairs is pushing you to make major adjustments.  You must re-examine your notions about the ideal lifestyle.  You should also devote time to partnership issues.  With a little effort you can bring conflicting needs and goals into greater harmony.  Humanitarian service and community involvement will provide a welcome and valuable opportunity.  But don’t neglect core job responsibilities.  The key to everything is your work situation.  It is providing the flexibility and resources needed to deal comfortably with many different and potentially difficult issues.  

SCORPIO ~ Right now, Scorpio feels like they are living between a rock and a hard place.  Home, family and work responsibilities are weighing heavily.  And there don’t appear to be easy answers.  An unexpected combination of things will provide at least temporary relief: young people, alternative religious, or spiritual, pursuits, hobbies and recreation can help you put things into perspective and relieve stress.  However, planetary help is also on the way.  You will soon find it easier to harmonize your obligations and responsibilities with the resources available to fulfill them.

SAGITTARIUS ~ You either sensed or hoped that things would soon come together into a harmonious whole.  You were right and it will start soon.  Patience will be required because the transition will be tricky and somewhat drawn out.  However, you should notice a significant, positive difference by the end of November.  You are beginning a new cycle of growth and expansion. You will soon be able to develop the many difficult lessons you have learned into marketable skills.  A challenging planetary influence is on the way out of your sign.

CAPRICORN ~ It seems like too many important Capricorn decisions are being made for financial reasons rather than personal preferences, desires or personal ideals.  But financial considerations are no longer providing a clear indication of which way to go.  Perhaps the key is connecting better with your local roots, with those in your community, and making choices that serve the greater good.  The planets suggest that a little genuine idealism and community spirit will go far to bring about a constructive and practical resolution of your quandary.  Self-confidence will rebound shortly.

AQUARIUS ~ Things are looking up for Aquarius.  You are confronting a set of serious obstacles that, paradoxically, presents an opportunity to successfully transform your whole situation.  You are also well placed to help others transform their own tricky situations for the better.  The finances to support your desires for a better life will soon become available, too.  Partnership issues, which might have been problematic or laced with tensions, will soon achieve a new and lasting harmony. Even where the goal isn’t clear, you know you are on the right path.

PISCES ~ Inspiration, guidance and connections with those near and far will help Pisces turn a set of obstacles into an opportunity.  Various powers and authorities seem to be placing hurdles in your way.  But your personal qualities and a willingness to experiment will help you past any obstructions.  A stubborn barrier to self-fulfillment, professional advancement, or simply finding a good job, will be lifted, opening the way to economic betterment.  Personal healing will help you overcome self-doubts that might be holding you back, also.  Finances could tighten, though.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Internationalized Elections

Internationalized Elections

The Tenor of the Times, October 2006

Overview of October and a Little Beyond ~
October will briefly return the supportive vibes of the summer months.  This summer’s vibes offered support amidst generally worrisome world conditions.  However, the summer’s vibes were part of a complicated and intense mix of energies and they did not provide the rest and recuperation they might have.  So people are not feeling as rested as they should be.

After October, things could get a little choppy, again.  The charts for the rest of the year are on the rough side.

As I have said, I am expecting a soft landing and improved conditions by early 2007.  But the time between now and then will be energy intensive and bumpy.  Even if the vibes were not rough, which they kind of are, or even if our particular situation is secure, the sheer intensity and complexity of these energies could wear us down.

November Elections in the US

Intrigue, Anxiety, Anti-Incumbent Feeling and Suspicion ~
Much in the charts confirms what pollsters and analysts have been telling us.  

Angular Neptune’s square to the 10th house cusp throws a highly unfavorable light on those already in power.
The 10th house, of course, governs those in power.   This indicates that a strong anti-incumbent bias will, indeed, prevail on Election Day.  It also indicates doubts and misgivings about the intentions and the competence of those in power.  

Saturn is exactly conjunct the cusp of the 10th house in the US/Election Day composite chart.  Transiting Saturn is also close to the cusp of the 10th house in the US natal chart.
Saturn often flatly denies people what they want.  If they want re-election, Saturn can easily deny them that.  Or, if Saturn allows re-election, re-election could turn into far more than they bargained for.

The above aspects are bad signs for both Democratic and Republican incumbents.  While Neptune can cause serious problems of perception, Saturn blocks achievement of a goal.

So, yes, as many polls have suggested, voters will likely view incumbents in a bad light come Election Day and, as the polls also seem to suggest, some incumbents who once thought their seats secure will be denied re-election.

Pocket Book Issues Foremost ~ Numerous, overlapping trines between the 2nd house and the 10th suggest that American voters will be looking for politicians who they think will improve their economic situation and these trines suggest that they will largely succeed in identifying and electing such candidates.

Victim Consciousness ~ Chiron is also prominent in these charts, indicating a sense of victimization on the part of the American public. Americans will be very much aware of themselves as past, present and possible future casualties in a war on terror.

Undertones ~ Lilith, the guardian spirit of scheming, manipulation and intrigue is also high in the 10th house in both election charts.  This suggests bitter and negative campaign battles.  Lilith also promises that, whatever the outcome, there will be suspicions and recriminations.  Mudslingers, manipulators, and conspiracy theorists will all be out in force this Election Day.

Scandal and Betrayal ~ The 12th house in the Election Day chart is seriously overstimulated, suggesting nasty revelations and betrayals.  This would include a shameless betrayal of time honored principles in response to perceived threats or the possibility of short-term gain.  However, Uranus on the nadir is trining many of the planets in the 12th house, indicating a willingness to reform in response to political reversals.

In sum, except for the economically supportive vibe, I think it fair to say that the vibes for Election Day 06 are rather dark.  And I think in response to these vibes, voters will manifest an attitude of grim determination.

Pluto’s Day ~ Pluto, a planet closely and intimately associated with political and economic power and war, rules Election Day charts.  Pluto positively dominates the dispositor chart for Election Day.  Pluto is also in the rising sign of the Election Day chart.  And Pluto is still transiting the US rising sign.  

Also, in the composite chart, Pluto is the lone planet in the 2nd house that is making all those trines to the 10th house stellium.  Transiting Pluto is also close enough to the US natal Pluto to matter on Election Day.

And Pluto figures very prominently in the US Natal chart, dominating the 2nd house/8th house axis, the money, war and power axis--the axis of blood and treasure, among other things.  

The long and the short of it is, when people make their ballot choices, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the possibility of further wars and the terrorist threat will be very much on their minds.  But voters will tend to see these and other election issues through an economic lens.

And with order-seeking Pluto in the mix, voters will, underneath it all, want greater control over the variables in their lives, along with greater stability and security in their world.

Beyond US National Concerns ~ However, to grasp the full meaning of Pluto’s influence in these charts we must move beyond considerations of US voter motivation.  This Election Day will be fateful for the US as a nation and for the entire world. Not to put too fine a point on it, this election will be the political and economic equivalent of the big bang.

The signs and houses in the chart for Election Day line up very closely with the signs and houses in the US natal chart.  This suggests that the issues at play in the campaign will resonate especially deeply with the electorate.  The results, however decisive or indecisive, however, resolute or ambivalent, will accurately reflect the country’s mood and desires.

The vertex indicates how events of the larger, outside world are likely to intersect with the lives of the person or group represented in the chart.  The vertex for the Election Day chart is in the 8th house, the natural house of Pluto.  The vertex is in the sign of Cancer, the Sun sign of the United States.  Also, the vertex is all but exactly conjunct the 8th house natal Sun of the US.  

All of the above are conjunct the fixed star Sirius.  
According to esoteric doctrine, Sirius is one of the most sacred of the fixed stars and its energies are very important in the spiritual evolution of our planet.  It is associated with the growth and development of social, political and economic structures.

Sirius is also significant in the chart of the United Nations, which was founded during the Saturn/Sirius conjunction of 1945.

(Also, in passing, this potent, volatile and unpredictable 8th house dynamic in the Election Day charts will also strongly affect George W. Bush’s natal Sun, which is very closely conjoined with the US Natal Sun.  This does not bode well for Bush.)

In other words, this election chart will powerfully and directly affect the natal Sun of the US.  But also, under the influence of the fixed star Sirius, it will affect the political and economic systems of the entire globe.  

Hence, Election Day 2006 will not simply shake up the American political system.  It will shake up and reshape the world.

Such it seems to me would be the wider significance of Pluto’s extensive influence in these Election Day charts.

Will there be a Democratic or Republican Victory? ~ Having said all of the above about general indications for Election Day 2006, who will come out ahead in the November elections?

GOP Charts ~ The Republican charts are rather seriously impaired.  They are a tangle of really difficult aspects involving major planets with comparatively few supportive aspects to compensate.  

To make matters worse for the Republicans, the aspects I described in the immediately preceding section also potently affect the natal Sun of the Republican Party (and, as noted above, the natal Sun of George W. Bush--and not in a good way).

The many serious weaknesses--the numerous blocking, disabling aspects--in the Republican charts suggest that the GOP is simply not up to the task at hand right now. They also suggest, accurately, I think, that the GOP is currently hobbled by numerous ongoing difficulties.  I think it is fair to say that the planetary deck is stacked against the Republicans.  

I would sum up GOP problems by saying that they have a serious 8th house affliction.  A serious 8th house affliction would bring crushing debt, corruption, sexual scandals, war and bloodshed, and problems arising from the gross abuse of power.  When you think about it, that kind of describes the GOP situation at the moment.

Democratic Charts ~ The Democratic charts, by contrast, contain numerous potent, enabling aspects.  Both progressed and composite charts contain trines, including a Grand Trine.  The composite chart also includes a partial mystic rectangle, promising protection against serious electoral loss.  There is also a generally favorable kite formation in this chart.

Mystic rectangles and kites are, however, ambiguous signs.  While generally supportive, they also indicate vulnerabilities and a certain lack of thrust, or momentum.  They seem to provide support and protection but do not guarantee success.

Netting it Out ... ~ Going strictly by the charts for the two parties, one might reasonably anticipate a Democratic landslide.  However, one also has to factor in the charts representing the public mind--the chart for Election Day itself and the composite chart for Election Day and the US.  

Factoring these two charts in seems to me to weaken the Democratic advantage somewhat.  These charts highlight factors that cut across partisan lines and, thus, diminish any advantages that arise from simply belonging to one or another major party.

The strong anti-incumbent feeling will work against some incumbent Democrats.  The strong pocketbook vote will work in favor of anyone, Republican or Democrat, who seems to promise economic improvement, and vice versa.  Economic concerns don’t guarantee an advantage to either party.  

Economic issues would also tend to override concerns
that might otherwise hurt Republican candidates, like those arising from the war in Iraq and the burgeoning Republican scandals.

And the Winner Will Be ... ~ If I had to guess, I’d say that the Democrats will come out far enough ahead in November to claim an electoral achievement of some magnitude.  Conversely, the Republicans will suffer enough losses to count for a significant electoral defeat.  The scale of the Democratic win and the Republican loss is hard to gauge, however and that is because factors like the anti-incumbent bias and economic concerns will tend to blur partisan preferences and blunt partisan advantages.

The overall thrust of the charts doesn’t seem to me to guarantee Democratic majorities in both the House and Senate, but it certainly doesn’t rule it out.  My assessment is that the Democrats could very well regain control of one house and at very least narrow the Republican advantage in the other.  But greater gains are definitely possible, given the charts.  I think the Democrats will at very least hold their own in state governorship races.

We’ll all just have to see what the voters actually decide.

Sign by Sign Astrology Forecast For October 2006

General Comments ~ October will offer fleeting respite from the world turmoil.  It will bring back, briefly, the vibes of the summer months that offered us flexibility and opportunities amidst confusing and worrisome world conditions.  Take advantage of these good weeks to get your affairs in order.  Make an extra effort to be realistic, especially with regard to financial matters.


Sign by Sign Astrology Forecast For October 2006

You will energize and direct events this month, sort of.  People might oppose you strongly, and you won’t get your way, exactly.  However, people will sympathize strongly with your basic message, they will resonate with your energy and they will get motivated.  You will produce many good outcomes, indirectly.  But in complicated times, success will require discipline, careful planning and endurance.  There is a lot of margin for error. So let friends, work associates and family members run a bit.  In the end, finances will limit unwise risk taking.

TAURUS ~ You need to make some changes and the planets are allowing you to make them, pretty much without risk.  You have a surprising amount of influence over events this month.  Try to rid yourself of some annoying responsibilities.  Work to change the attitudes of people who are bothering you.  But don’t replace somebody else’s annoying ego-based preferences with your own. Make adjustments in a high-minded way, with your own best, humanitarian instincts to guide you.  You can achieve a new harmony between work responsibilities and your personal life.

GEMINI ~ This is a lucky month for Gemini.  You will feel driven, perhaps even obsessed and others might protest your forcefulness.  And tight finances will probably limit you somewhat.  However, you can see all the pieces and how they need to be connected and others might not understand this.  The unexpected will also play a lucky role.  This is an ideal time to make some major adjustments in your life, the kind that will make your life more enjoyable and personally fulfilling.  The planets will help protect you from risk.  

CANCER ~ This month, it might pay to let your temper show a bit.  Your input is important, but unless you get a little pushy, people might not get the message.  Your contribution will produce a surprising and useful result, even if you are a little feisty.  For the absolute best results, offer advice based on your highest inner guidance, otherwise you might get people going around in circles. Be sincere, be careful, and keep an eye on the finances, and all should be well.  You are in a safe spot.

LEO ~ You will feel strong love and strong anger, probably at the same time and toward the same individuals and situations.  That’s OK.  Your have to motivate others, whether it takes a little ego boost or a little kick in the butt.  I think people will understand that you mean well in either case and like you the better for it.  There is a continuing emphasis on improvement and innovation in long-term financial issues.  Examine spending habits closely.  You should be saving more for a rainy day, or retirement--whichever.

VIRGO ~ You will experience a strong impetus to change this month.  It will come primarily from financial areas.  You have a chance to rearrange the economic pieces so that you have more comfort, security and freedom of movement.  You must continue to work hard at achieving your basic financial goals.  However, it will get easier.  Despite the progress, you will still be in the mood for a hard look at things and some serious talk.  Facts undermine naïve optimism.  It’s time to get long-term financial concerns out in the open.

LIBRA ~ You have a lot on your plate this month.  You’re really at ground zero.  And you have a great deal of influence over people and events.  Despite Libra’s famous emotional balance and diplomatic ability, it will be hard to keep your feelings in check or to keep events from getting out of control. There is a big margin for error, though, so don’t worry unduly about bad outcomes.  Meanwhile, give some serious thought to how you want to fit into the larger picture.  Idealism will help you help others.

SCORPIO ~ Scorpio can make important adjustments in key relationships now.  You can address issues that are bothering you and work out a better deal for yourself, especially where power and authority at work and/or at home are concerned.  However, you should speak softly and use gentle persuasion during negotiations.  You’ll have to bring up some stuff nobody wants to deal with and you won’t have as much direct influence as you like.  Don’t get insecure.  Be genuinely humble instead and leave yourself open to suggestions.  Show your willingness to cooperate.

SAGITTARIUS ~ There are big changes coming.  You are in tune with them, more or less.  But there are hidden costs connected with these changes and it is impossible to foresee all of them.  Use your heightened ability to look into these issues to the extent that you can.  Meanwhile, the planets will help you get more comfortable in your present situation.  They will make it easier to do what you have to do.  These accommodations will relieve the pressure to make changes you might not feel quite ready to make.

CAPRICORN ~ It is normally hard to make significant changes in even one of our basic life arrangements--work, family, investment arrangements, and so on--without risk and inconvenience.  However, October offers Capricorn the chance to make changes in all of these areas simultaneously in response to present conditions.  The results will not allow you to retire immediately in the lap of luxury.  However, you should find your chief responsibilities easier to fulfill with something left over for rest and recreation.  This might help compensate for your lack of control over recent events.

AQUARIUS ~ Events in your immediate neighborhood might well be at odds with your values and ideals.  And you might just be in the mood to fight about it or, in fact, to take flight.  Adding to your unease are a lot of worries that your closest associates and partners aren’t doing much to help.  However, you have lots of options and much flexibility.  The planets suggest that small, timely and helpful accommodations are possible.  Under the circumstances, that would be better than a big move.  You would benefit from revamping long-term financial arrangements.

PISCES ~ You have the impulse to do something, the sense that it’s the right thing to do and the ability to do it.  Your insight and understanding are especially keen.  And you have an extra-added guarantee from the planets that everything will come out OK.  You are being nudged gently to take the next step, to go beyond where you have been.  The events and opportunities of October will give you a leg up.  But there are many levels, many layers and many steps, so be patient and be careful.


Sunday, August 27, 2006

Set Up for a Fall

Set Up for a Fall

The Tenor of the Times, September 2006

We can expect some long-awaited turning points in September.  Politicians or world leaders who we want to see get their comeuppance will get it--or begin to get it--in September.  Doubts about their political future will deepen.  

In the US, I think many Republicans up for reelection will lose whatever fading hopes they had of retaining their seats in Congress.  However, there is still time for a political twist or turn or two in the days remaining before the November election

Leaders who are slowly passing from the scene will see their departure hastened.  It might be a question of failed or failing health, as in the case of Israel’s comatose Ariel Sharon and Cuba’s aged and ailing Fidel Castro.  It might be a question of failing popular support, as in the case of Britain’s Tony Blair or members of the increasingly unpopular Bush administration in the U.S.

In all cases, something will happen to push these figures over a critical threshold.  Where it is a question of health, their condition might become critical or simply terminal.  Where is a question of political support or popularity, their poll ratings will drop below critical levels, essentially sealing their political fate.

Similarly, long, drawn out crises, like the diplomatic crises over nuclear developments in Iran and North Korea will cross a threshold.  And so will other slowly deteriorating situations like the one in Iraq.  

In these cases, those involved have been holding out false, politically self-serving hope based on prospects that, though unlikely or unrealistic, could not be ruled out and still held persuasive appeal for the public.  

The public will understand, finally, that such public figures have been self-deluded or outright liars.  The public won’t have much patience with either of the above, anymore.

So, the events of September will definitively rule out certain of the less realistic possibilities in all areas of life and in all areas of the world.  For better or for worse, September will clarify the world situation, at least somewhat.  Many of the lies and half-truths that clutter world political discourse will be revealed for what they are and the positions of those who depend upon them will become untenable.

It will become obvious to all that sometimes drastic and unpalatable but realistic options that have so far been avoided must now be considered seriously.  Overly optimistic assessments based on unrealistic or illusory ideas will be definitively rejected.  This will true partly because of a shift in public attitudes and partly because of undeniable and revelatory events on the ground.

World leaders will, perhaps, have to seriously consider imposing sanctions on Iran.  The Bush administration will probably have to choose between a phased withdrawal from Iraq and a political catastrophe cum constitutional crisis at home.  

The leaders in many other nations of the world will likewise have to choose between a reduced number of more realistic options, however grim in some cases. Many who thought their bluff would ever be called will be proven wrong.

But in many ways, and despite the momentous possibilities outlined above, September will probable seem a bit anticlimactic. It will, in reality, mark only a phase within a phase, albeit a decisive phase, in a familiar, ongoing process.  And for every question that is answered, many more will remain.  For every doubt that concludes, many others will continue.

The fact that the turning point, or the tipping point, finally arrived in many cases will come as a welcome surprise to some.  But joy will be muted by the effect of the long wait and the realization that these decisive events are only twists in a still unfolding plot and much of the mystery has yet to be revealed.

The Astrological Details

is the driving wheel of human events—the great pendulum of history—on the micro and the macro levels and it has been retrograde since late May.  As Pluto turns direct in the first few days of September, it will push forward many projects that have been delayed or on hold.  

It will also empower those who hold power.  Those who hold power will be able to affect events significantly more than they have been able to in recent months.  

Decisions that have been postponed, plans that were being revised, groundwork that was being laid, money or other resources that were held up … many things required to move large and small projects forward … will become available.  Perhaps we will finally see some significant progress in rebuilding New Orleans, for example.

Saturn will have completed its first exact opposition to Neptune on August 31.  Reasonable, realistic people, who base their thoughts and actions on evidence and sound argument, will begin to get a handle on events, in earnest.  

For the first time in many years, those who deal in empty but misleading dogma, emotionally charged rhetoric and seductive illusion or in glistening but empty generalities—or outright deception—will find themselves at a distinct disadvantage.  Their unchallenged hold on the public imagination will be at an end.  

The next ten years and more will be a time when reason and facts have the advantage.  As regular readers will know, I have been looking forward to this day for some time.

Two eclipses in September will put leaders at increased risk and add a little drama.  Those who fail to sense the change in public attitudes or who are mired by past abuses will find the ground cut from under them.  Unforeseen, but not unforeseeable, events will change the course of events definitively.  

Given the delicate and volatile state of the world, the eclipses will almost certainly bring natural and/or manmade disasters to some parts of the globe.  However, the Saturn/Chiron opposition that intensified so many disasters in recent years was exact for the last time some months back.  So nature will likely cut us some slack, for now.  Manmade disasters are not likely to be as serious as some we have seen in recent years.

Two of the outer planets,
Uranus and Neptune, will remain retrograde.  These retrogrades will retard the driving force of direct Pluto, leaving numerous issues in doubt and many questions as yet unanswered.  

And, since the effects of an eclipse often unfold over a period of months, September will also set in motion many a chain of events that will continue into subsequent months, further adding to the complexity and confusion of current world conditions.

The influences of direct Pluto and retrograde Uranus and Neptune will probably have an unfortunate effect on unwise politicians and world leaders, which we have in abundance.  Sensing the power of direct Pluto but unmindful of the retarding, blocking and confusing effects of retrograde Uranus and Neptune, they will try to exert their misguided will.  But they will only manage to stir international the pot in ways that are unproductive and likely to backfire.

It is also important to understand that these planetary influences also affect the bad guys and their efforts to do harm will also be energized.  However, the eclipses do tend to favor the pure of heart over the impure of heart.  So it seems likely that the forces of good will gain ground in September.

Astrology Forecast For September 2006

General Comments ~ Most of us will look back upon September 2006 as an important turning point.  Long stalled decisions will be forthcoming.  Policies that have been pending will be implemented.  Unrealistic hopes will be set aside and options will be narrowed.  But most of us will also look back upon September as a good month that brought clarity and simplicity in some confusing and probably frustrating area of our lives.  Many kinds of issues will come to a head and call for a commitment.  These could be work-related, financial or health-related.  Many things that have been quietly building up in the background could suddenly come to the fore.  Some for better, some for worse.


Sign by Sign Astrology Forecast For September 2006

A series of events that are out of your control will soon bring sweeping changes in all those areas where your life touches the lives of other people.  It is partly a matter of deep personal realizations on your part and partly because of changes in the lives of others.  The overall effect will be to remove deadwood and allow you to focus on those possibilities that are realistic.  The youngsters in your life continue to branch out on their own.  Some frail, possibly ill person will require your special attention.  

TAURUS ~ You will be happy to know that the ill-winds of September will likely blow Taurus some good stuff, or at least not do much damage.  Having said that, you do have some stubborn financial issues to wrestle with.  But it is important to understand that these financial challenges, once met, will lead to a far more comfortable, durable economic base.  As September progresses, you will find yourself with more influence over your present tricky situation and with more room to maneuver.  Sudden, perhaps unexpected events will bring clarity.

GEMINI ~ The world is changing around you.  It seems like everyone except you is being directly affected by the big events of September.  You only have to see what is happening in other people’s lives.  But people are especially interested in your response to the developing situation.  They are depending on your guidance and encouragement.  The planets will endow you with the charm and insight needed to smooth the way for others in this changeful month.  See that neither you nor anyone else sacrifices their high standards to get by.

CANCER ~ Moonchildren are under very mysterious influences in September.  You might not end up where you think you’re going.  However, you are also under protective and helpful influences, so you should be able to cope quite nicely no matter what.  One danger is that feelings of helplessness or fears of disempowerment will lead you into conspiracies and manipulation.  This could prove risky indeed. Be straightforward.  Go with what is positive and innovative in those mysterious feelings and events. Giving in to negativity could cause bigger problems than you might imagine.

LEO ~ It seems like you can only see the problem side of relationships nowadays.  But you know the answer to building more satisfying and lasting relationships for all concerned is there for the looking.  Changing circumstances will shortly alter the financial picture.  You will soon be able to make improvements in your economic arrangements where you might have been blocked or confused before.  Long needed adjustments will finally be made.  You might want to study the situation carefully before making a move.  There’s such a thing as too much change.

VIRGO ~ I can see why Virgo might want a rest, but you will find yourself in the middle of everything again this month.  However, your role will be central and the planets are providing you with a full spectrum of persuasive and motivational resources.  Avoid scheming and underhanded political moves.  Your best bet is the role of the honest broker.  Get the best deal you can for all concerned.  Work-related issues are positively aspected.  You can do quite well even if you want to limit work involvements for personal reasons.

LIBRA ~ Energy, initiative, ambition are all fine.  But you might have to watch your temper.  It could easily reveal itself in your words or gestures especially with the frustrations you will be facing.  You should find safe harbor and greater influence over events as September progresses.  September should also bring some sudden and perhaps unexpected spiritual realizations as well as some important shifts in your relations to the world at large.  Change will be especially noticeable in key relationships and at work.  Suppress a growing inclination to conspire or manipulate.

SCORPIO ~ Youth, innovation, experimentation and an all around independent spirit will benefit you materially and spiritually, particularly where the young are concerned.  A simple romance or flirtation could also bring good fortune.  However, do exercise some caution.  The changes involved, even if they are liberating, could be bigger than you think and they could come quite unexpectedly.  Some very positive changes are also likely in the home and family department.  Much is changing in the lives around you and you can help a great deal through loving and inspirational discussions.

SAGITTARIUS ~ I advise caution and optimism.  Things are happening fast and there isn’t much you can do to slow them down.  There are a lot of issues you have to let slide.  Some are the kind of issues that can cause real problems.  You feel lucky to be able to keep up.  During September, a process of simplification will begin.  The options will be whittled down and your choices will be simpler.  Focus on home and family and things should work out OK.  Your relationship with higher ups needs updating

CAPRICORN ~ You are facing tough choices involving both local interests and parties located at a distance.  Conditions are preventing you from having it both ways.  You should probably take your time doing anything because unexpected events will shortly change the outlook and simplify choices for all concerned.  The planets suggest that local concerns deserve the most attention and that relations with those at a distance will have to be reconsidered.  Avoid the conspiratorial approach.  Straightforward is best.  Developments in the area of long-term finances should put your mind at ease.

AQUARIUS ~ Finances are pushing you to make some tricky lifestyle choices or lifestyle choices are triggering some financial changes--again.  This time, however, events will take certain unrealistic options off the table permanently.  Some important people in your life will make some surprising and beneficial adjustments on your behalf.  Resolving outstanding issues will require a bit of hard bargaining, some trust building, and putting some guarantees in place.  It is probably time to update your ideas about long-term financial arrangements, anyway.  Day-to-day budgetary issues are under favorable influences.

PISCES ~ September is a turning point for Pisces.  Figures of authority in your life are blocking a particular course of action, or inaction.  You must make a turn at the next intersection.  This turn will transform your life more than you would have imagined.  Changeful events will also transform your circle of personal and professional relationships.  Whether through education or travel or the influence of mentors, your horizons will broaden in very positive ways. Very benevolent planetary influences are guiding these changes.  Take an honest, straightforward approach to all transactions.